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Troubleshooting Payment Issues on Remita: A Step-by-Step Guide

Making online payments can be a convenient and secure way to pay for goods and services, but sometimes things don’t go as smoothly as we’d like. If you’re having trouble making a payment using Remita, a popular electronic payment platform in Nigeria, you’re not alone. Here’s what you need to know to troubleshoot the issue and get your payment processed successfully.

First, it’s important to understand how Remita works. When you make a payment through the platform, you enter your payment details and choose your preferred payment method, such as a debit card or bank transfer. The payment is then processed and sent to the recipient, who can access the funds through their own Remita account.

If you’re having trouble making a payment, there could be a number of reasons why. Here are some common issues and how to resolve them:

  1. Insufficient funds: If you’re using a debit card or bank transfer to make a payment, make sure you have enough funds in your account to cover the amount you’re trying to pay. If you don’t have enough money, the payment will be declined.
  2. Payment limits: Some payment methods, such as debit cards, have daily or monthly limits on how much you can spend. If you’re trying to make a payment that exceeds these limits, the payment will be declined.
  3. Technical issues: If you’re having trouble accessing the Remita platform or entering your payment details, it could be due to technical issues on their end. In this case, you should contact Remita customer support for assistance.
  4. Fraud prevention measures: Remita has a number of security measures in place to prevent fraud and protect your personal and financial information. If the platform flags a payment as suspicious, it may be declined.

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Recently, the Remita platform has developed an issue that usually results in loss of money and waste of time for its clients. since all Federal government funds are paid using the Remita platform; this is now a national issue and requires special attention.

if you are a victim or are willing to make any payment online using the Remita platform any time soon then listen and listen carefully.

I am talking from experience, I have lost many funds (even though I filled a chargeback form which is yet to be processed) while using the platform and would like to share with you how I finally solved this issue keep reading.

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what usually happens is, after filling the remita form and generating your Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) number, you have multiple payment options to choose from. If you are paying online using your master card and then proceed to make the payment online.

The point where the issue arises is when you have supplied your OTP (Soft or Hard) you get one of these responses:

  1. Transaction successful but will freeze at Finalize and will just keep loading endlessly
  2. Transaction Blocked please try again
  3. There was technical difficulty registering your account. Please try again later

There might be other responses but these are the ones I personally encountered. at every instance your account will be debited so Do Not Make Another Payment Again!!!

The Solution

  1. First, generate your RRR number the normal way
  2. after generating the RRR does not make payment on that page.
  3. Go to
  4. Click on Pay an Invoice
  5. Input the RRR number you generated and click on validate
  6. Fill in your info on the page displayed and Voila!!!
  7. Done and Done (By God’s Grace)

If you have any difficulty following the above procedures just drop a comment and I will guide you.

It’s worth noting that there are a number of other factors that can cause payment issues, including problems with your bank or payment processor, errors on the recipient’s end, and more. If you’re having trouble making a payment using Remita and none of the above steps seem to be helping, it’s a good idea to reach out to their customer support team for more guidance.

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  • Gany
    1:28 PM, 28 May 2020

    I have been having error in generation the RRR code. Its is giving me invalid bank code. The file is in CSV

    • Bangeez Web Solutions
      11:46 AM, 30 May 2020

      Are you using their website or a third-party website?

      and can you please clarify what is in the CSV?

    • Sani
      12:25 PM, 3 October 2022

      In my Laptop, Name of service purpose and state currency is not showing options to be fill.
      What is the actual problem

    1:14 PM, 12 December 2020

    Please i couldn’t find my RRR code after making payment

    • Bangeez Web Solutions
      4:11 PM, 12 December 2020

      It should be sent to your email. check your spam folder.

  • Ismaheel Zainab
    8:53 AM, 18 December 2020

    I have paid for the money but to get the receipt is now the problem.They keep on saying the network is unavailable

  • Abiodun Timothy
    2:31 PM, 19 February 2021

    I’m having problem to pay for name reservation at corporate affairs commission

  • Okechukwu edelquinn
    1:53 PM, 6 June 2021

    I paid for my jamb slip after generating a Remita till now the jamb site is still saying I haven’t paid. I need that result my admission is at stake here

  • Ibraheem Mubarack
    11:54 PM, 8 June 2021

    I paid my remita on 7 June 2021 but is still showing pending on my profile wat can I do

  • Abdulmalik
    10:07 AM, 10 July 2021

    Please How do I know weather I have depth on my remita phone number or not?

    • Bangeez Web Solutions
      11:25 AM, 10 July 2021

      Hey Abdulmalik, do you mean debt? how do you get debt from remita?

  • Maryam
    1:25 PM, 12 July 2021

    Helllo is there anyway a change of name can be made on a remita form that has already been paid? Pls how do i go about it

    • Bangeez
      2:11 PM, 12 July 2021

      Hey Maryam, why do you need to change the name?

      • Taiwo
        12:07 PM, 18 October 2022

        Please my remita is saying transaction blocked please try again
        I use the method up but still saying the same thing

  • Adeboye tobi
    8:59 PM, 16 July 2021

    I got issue today with remita
    It’s not loading
    It brought oops!! Transaction failed

    • Bangeez
      9:35 PM, 16 July 2021

      This might be some temporary glitch, try again after a while. Before re-trying the transaction make sure the RRR isn’t processed by checking it’s status

  • Yetunde
    1:47 PM, 27 August 2021

    I am trying to regenerate my receipt but my RRR is now invalid pls what can I do?

  • Damy
    2:57 PM, 22 October 2021

    I made payment for fuoye form using the remita and now it is showing error and they have debited me

  • Bamidele
    6:59 AM, 5 November 2021

    i kept on getting this on CAC registration: Remita Generate RRR error: Inactive Merchant[Attempted Amount: 10000.00]. what should i do please?

  • Vanchez
    4:44 PM, 8 November 2021

    when trying to pay to a RRR invoice through debit card, normally i do get OTP ,then after filling it and submit ,the response i get id that an error had occurred. what should I do? am using my verve card

  • Adebayo Matthew
    11:44 PM, 21 August 2022

    There was an error processing your request.

  • Taiwo
    12:06 PM, 18 October 2022

    Please my remita is saying transaction blocked please try again
    I use the method up but still saying the same thing

  • Susan
    4:43 AM, 24 October 2022

    Good morning
    Please is it possible to change the payer’s name on a remitta receipt?

  • Osayomi Mary Damilola
    12:07 PM, 15 December 2022

    I have been debited but my portal is still showing pending. What should I do?

  • Aminah
    8:18 AM, 23 February 2023

    please the remita page is not showing option for SUBMIT, it is only showing RESET

  • Kamaldeen
    6:16 AM, 29 April 2023

    I do transfer to Remita which is gangan and the money was the money successful sent
    But it does not reflect

  • Tolu
    9:04 AM, 29 April 2023

    Pls I made payment with bank transfer and I have been debited but the transaction is yet to be successful pls what can I do to generate the receipt and make the payment successful.

  • Utomi
    5:52 AM, 5 May 2023

    What happens when RRR is generated and paid for to do some jobs in NIMC but showing no payment has been made when I tried using it to do correction of name in NIMC? Funny enough the payments were made in a commercial bank UBA

  • oluwaseyi
    7:19 PM, 8 June 2023

    PLS WEN I TRY TO MAKE PAYMENT WITH THE RRR i generated it was saying RRR is being processed pls what can i do and i have not process it. pls i need a quick reply

    • Bangeez
      11:34 AM, 9 June 2023

      This is probably a downtime from Remita. You should try again at a later time or try a different browser/device.

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