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Are you having problem making payment using remita?

This post is for those having issues making payment using the remita platform.

Check out how to make payment using the remita platform

recently, the remita platform has developed an issue that usually results in loss of money and waste of time to its clients. since all Federal government funds are payed using the remita platform; this is now a national issue and requires special attention.

if you are a victim or are willing to make any payment online using the remita platform any time soon then listen and listen carefully.

I am talking from experience, I have lost many funds (even though I filled a charge back form which is yet to be processed) while using the platform and would like to share with you how I finally solved this issue keep reading.

what usually happens is, after filling the remita form and generating your Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) number, you have multiple payment options to choose from. If you are paying online using your master card and then proceed to make the payment online.

The point where the issue arises is when you have supplied your OTP (Soft or Hard) you get one of this responses:

  1. Transaction successful but will freeze at Finalize and will just keep loading endlessly
  2. Transaction Blocked please try again
  3. There was technical difficulty registering your account. Please try again later

There might be other responses but this are the ones I personally encountered. at every instance your account will be debited so Do Not Make Another Payment Again!!!



  1. First generate your RRR number the normal way
  2. after generatin the RRR do not make payment on that page.
  3. Go to remita.net
  4. Click on Pay an Invoice
  5. Input the RRR number you generated and click on validate
  6. Fill in your info on the page displayed and Voila!!!
  7. Done and Done (By Gods’ Grace)

If you have any difficulty following the above procedures just drop a comment and I will guide you.