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The Ultimate Guide on How to Register Your Business with CAC [2020]

Register Your Business with CAC



As the saying goes “The first step in making rabbit stew is catching the rabbit.” –Isaac Asimov–

The first step in the voyage to actualizing your concepts, plans and visions is registering your business. In Nigeria, that starts at the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), which has its website at The whole process can now be done online without the need to be physically available at the CAC offices.

We have taken our time to formulate a step-by-step guide on how to register your company with CAC and will assist you on your way to becoming a business owner. To register your business you need to have a functional e-mail address and phone number. Also, to be able to do all the registration online you need to have your ATM card available.


1.Go to The page will be displayed the as shown below.