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😱😱OMG! – Google Includes Lesbians in 2018 Year in Search Video

After the massive flop of Youtube’s #Rewind video and it’s emergence as the most disliked video ever in the history of Youtube. The 2018 year in search was supposed to be the day savior (which it did by the way).

The 2018 Youtube rewind failed to capture most of the Youtubers that made impact in 2018 and the Youtube community has shown its dislike through the dislike button.

As at the time of writing this the video has 2.3M likes and 13M dislikes. which makes it the most disliked video on the platform.

The negative reception made the Big Bro Google to be more creative and gave the viewers what they want in their year in search video.

The downside of the 2018 year in search is the inclusion of a clip of a woman proposing to another woman but excluded the France lifting the World Cup.

Lesbians proposing in Googles Year in search

This might be legal in the US and other countries but the world is a global village and Google is at the center of it. This did not sit well with most viewers with some condemning the whole idea of the clip.

Youtube rewind comments

This is a plan to get people used to seeing stuff like that so that it minimizes the repulsion they have at the idea. But here in Africa the Idea of a woman marrying another woman is still a thing of the near impossible future (We pray and hope).