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Suicidal Aisha

Suicidal Aisha In your eyes dear Aisha The allure of earth glares inside The black ring of your eye seed Are the essence of African relic Your are the most brilliant earth part Your face my dear are the dreams floating Through river Nile Banks beside it eyebrows of greener…

Poem of the day To a little girl that has told a lie

AND has my darling told a lie? Did she forget that GOD was by? That GOD, who saw the things she did, From whom no action can be hid; Did she forget that GOD could see And hear, wherever she might be? He made your eyes, and can discern Whichever way you think to…

A Teacher

Muscles aching pain Hungry sinking eyes Merely lifting legs Worn out several clothes Painted face of grinded chalk Stiffing throat of plenty talk Amidst a narrow schedule Charged to train and induce The branches of knowledge The metrics of mathematics Or the grandeur of…

Soul's Nature

Soul Nature Try whilst I do picture Of what you soul seem of Incorporeal air like creature Residing self kind conscious That give move to the body And finds for it essence of living Nortured of evil and good Many would sensure and rebook Yet in holy book even Sigmund…

Lust in Haste

Glitter not are all gold the young are seduced by illusion Downcast the old knows it’s just a confusion Thirst of liquor ride and thighs At labour of little strive Wonders the young surprise the old By faith patience might provide But by haste, rituals…


It s hard to tell Which is greater insecureness To explode crowds into carcass Or abduct a man for ransom Is hard of fate Death of a chemical reaction Or the soul be tired of pain Since ransom was heavier than possesion It is hard to tell Which is mightier humiliation Human…


Mostly failed dreams of unpromising vow convergence in outwards divergence in inwards not physical but abstract foe a feeling of lost hope a congregation of no trust a market of pains not noise a bank of lies not money an arena of false dedications a dialogue of bitter…

School Strike

Bored adventure Anxious torture Having no length That it will end Hope is melting With the heart crying Our future is shaking As dreams are fading Lord , if its a Sin Forgive me with a Bliss Days of smile Shades into lots of sigh If this is the week Resume from the…

Two Holes - A Poem

Hello to no FOE. Come take this ROAD. For thoughts to BEHOLD. walk lets GO. Fold your brain as a WHOLE. in to a course of two HOLES one is the BEGINNING. The other is Just ENDING. one lends to you to the WORLD. In blood while you are we sang welcome The other but keeps you…

A Voters Thought - Poem

Franchise they say it’s mine Inheritance of been a Nigerian Who deserves the print of my Thumb For sow I must, a seed for a breed In the soil of Yola Or in the crack soils of Daura. The slim tall austere incumbent For a second coming? Or the fat bellied man of the…