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Where to Find Business Ideas

Finding the right business idea can seem impossible, yet new businesses spring up everyday. Where do people get their ideas? And, more importantly, where can you find business ideas for a the right business for you? Get the answer here. Image source…
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Bakery Business: Startup Strategy

Are you planning on venturing into the ever-profitable bakery business, then read this write-up to enable you quickly make that decision easily. ‘Bread’ still remains one of the more common popular, stable and easily available foods that you would find in Nigeria today.
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Charcoal Business: Startup Strategy

Charcoal is a very valuable fuel for household and industrial uses, it has been in use since man started cooking food. It is the product of an incomplete or partial combustion of carbon mainly from wood. Traditionally it is prepared by burning wood from some particular kinds…
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Tailoring as a Lucrative Business

The three basic needs of every human being are food, shelter and clothing. The earliest appearance of making cloths or dresses (by Eve according to the scriptures) resided in the quest of woman (and later man) to cover her (or his) body and to feel some comfort. Nowadays…